The SouthTown Kingz (aka Zu Kings) 1999-2004
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The SouthTown Kingz (a.k.a. The Zu Kings) are a group of female to male illusionists (a.k.a. DRAG KINGS) that performed every Wednesday night 1999-2004 at the Zu Denver nightclub located at 60 South Broadway in Denver Colorado. This site was designed to archive the original drag king scene in denver.

 The SouthTown Kingz  (a.k.a The Zu Kings)

ORIGINAL ZU KINGS (1999-2001) - Managed/Promoted by Beth Van Elswyk

MaXX Wilson (Denver’s FIRST Drag King / Duke of Denver I ))

STARR Masters (Closet King 1998 / Duke of Denver III)

Joie Casanova (Original Zu King)

Tom Fullery (Original Zu King)

Doc Holliday (Original Zu King)

Simon Blu  (Original Zu King)

Rusty Nails (Original Zu King)

Matt Handsome (Original Zu King)

         de facto

Johnny B. Good

Maverick McNasty

Mitchell Shy

Dayne Johnson

Rico Suave

Duan A. Ryder

Austin Tatious (fEminem)

Tommy Knocker

Valentino (Duke of Denver II)


SOUTHTOWN KINGS - (2001-2004) ****MANY of the Southtown Kings also performed with the Zu Kings (some for many years in a weekly basis)

STARR Masters

Joie Casanova

Doc Holliday

Rusty Nails

Hunter Down

Mitchell Shy

Hunter Down

Austin Tacious

Rico Suave

Duan A. Ryder

Tommy Knocker

Valentino (Duke of Denver II)


keep in mind that MANY kings performed on almost a weekly basis as guests and were CERTAINLY a large part of the Zu Kings/Southtown Kings history.  I have listed the kings who were either employed by Zu Management/Beth V. and/or attended organizational meetings, attended official photo shoots and had a vote in the group decisions.  We don’t want to forget all of those amazing kings that performed beside us, had a space at the table in our dressing room, or did traveling shows representing us.  If you are among that group please send me your info/memories and history of performing with us and you will be included in our Drag King yearbook section of our upcoming book: The KINGZ (a complete history of Denver’s Drag King scene from its breakout moment in 1999)

*** ANNOUNCEMENT:  Tina Powers is writing a book about the beginning days of the drag king scene in Denver Colorado.  The book will include the photography of her girlfriend Tuesday who heavily photo-documented the Zu Kings two year reign.  The book will heavily focus on those Zu years but we have decided to ad a “yearbook” in a second section of the book that chronicals the scene from 2002 forward.  Please contact Tina Powers (or she will be contacting  you to make sure that you or your group is included in the scene history.

(Please forward any corrections/omissions to Tina Powers on our CONTACT page)


On the following pages we will introduce you to the boyz from Denver. Some of them even have their own sites listed on our links page. HAVE FUN!